Student Leaders

As emerging leaders, all children in Year 6 are provided with the opportunity to serve the school community under different portfolios.

In 2023, our student leadership team took on a new direction, following a brief restructure in 2021-2022.

All children in Year 6 are presented with a leadership badge at the commencement of the school year as part of the Student Representative Council and form various teams, incorporating:

  • Mission and Faith
  • Positive Behaviours (Promotion of MJR)
  • Active and Healthy (Led by Sport Captains)
  • Community (Led by School and Vice Captains)
  • Social Justice / Mini Vinnies

As part of their leadership role, students in Year 5 are trained to be “buddies” to the incoming Kindergarten class. The older students help their special friend settle into school life at Holy Cross.