Assessment and Reporting

Reports are sent home through COMPASS twice a year – at the end of Semester 1 and Semester 2. These reports are digital. Parents and carers wishing to keep a hard copy can print it when received. Students in Years 1-6 have their results in each key learning area reported on an A-E scale. The diocesan Kindergarten report uses a different scale.

An opportunity for a parent/teacher interview is offered at each reporting time. However, you are most welcome to discuss your child’s progress with the teacher any time throughout the year. It is necessary to make an appointment if you wish to arrange such a meeting. Please do not speak to teachers when their attention is required to care for pupils in the classroom or on the playground. While most teachers are happy to “touch base” before school, please be mindful, unless otherwise organised, that teachers use this time to prepare lessons and activities for the day ahead and to meet with colleagues to discuss learning and welfare.