Attendance Information

The educational focus for Holy Cross is to improve the learning outcomes for every child. Therefore, it is essential children arrive for school ready to begin a rich day of learning. Parents can assist in this process. Please ensure:

  • children arrive before the first bell, which provides time for them to socialise on the playground with peers and can often prevent unsettled behaviour in class as they have already had an opportunity to “catch up” with their friends and peers
  • appointments are made outside school hours – if necessary, appointments should be made after 1pm – this will avoid interruptions to essential learning timetabled for English and Maths across the school
  • holidays are scheduled to coincide with breaks between school terms.

Parents are reminded the playground cannot be accessed before 8.20am. OOSH facilities are available for parents who require short-term or extended before and after-school care. Teaching staff are not able to supervise children before 8.20am or after 2.50pm. Children should not be left unattended at boundary gates before supervision commences.

Once children have arrived at school, they must not leave unattended from the grounds during school hours. If you wish to take your child from school during the school day, you are asked to sign them out at the office using the online kiosk. A reason for the partial absence is required and this will automatically be sent to your child’s teacher marking the roll. Similarly, if returning your child to school following an appointment, they must be signed in. Should a child leave the school grounds, police and parents will be notified.

The most effective means of communicating an absence is via COMPASS. This should be submitted by 8.30am before the commencement of the school day. Where notification of absence is not provided, a nominated parent will receive an automated text message requiring an explanation for the absence. This will occur by 9am each morning. Any child who arrives after 8.50am needs to be signed in by a parent or legal guardian at the front office, otherwise the absence will be recorded as unexplained. If there are persistent unexplained absences, the principal will contact the parent to discuss the ongoing attendance concerns. This sometimes involves the Catholic Schools Office, which will provide a senior education leader to assist with resolving the issue.

Children who arrive after 8.50am must be signed in electronically at the Administration Office. This will automatically record the partial absence (and reason) on the class roll. If this procedure is not followed, the absence remains unexplained. Repeated unexplained absences require investigation by the principal and may involve Catholic Schools Office staff.

If you plan a holiday for more than 10 consecutive school days, you must fill in an Application for Extended Leave Form seeking the principal’s approval. This is a requirement under the Education Act 1990. Forms are available from the office.

It is integral that children arrive at school to begin lessons promptly at 8.50am. All classes begin their day with an English block. Consistently arriving late impacts a child’s learning, especially in the English block each morning. Likewise, children who arrive on or after the bell have little opportunity to socialise with peers and ready themselves for the day ahead. The pedestrian gate through to the church carpark is locked at 9am every day to ensure the safety and security of all members of the school community.  As such, parents are asked to exit the school after the morning bell as quickly as possible.