Getting to School

Arrivals and Departures

Car travel

Parking is available in the church car park. Parents are advised of the following conditions when using car parks.

  • Cars must be parked in marked spaces only. Double parking and overtaking are strictly prohibited.
  • Children should ALWAYS exit the car via the safety door, even if this is inconvenient due to car/baby seats.
  • Cars should be switched off and locked when left unattended. It is dangerous and unlawful to leave children unattended in parked cars, even for brief periods.

Pedestrian Travel

Pedestrian gates and pathways should be used to enter and leave the school grounds. These are located adjacent to the main entry on Lake Rd and in the church car park (near the COLA).

Bus Travel

Children are supervised every afternoon when crossing roads to the buses. All infants children (Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2) are eligible for free bus travel. Primary children must live 1.6km from the school to be eligible for free travel. To apply for an Opal Card visit

For bus timetables, routes and maps, please visit the Hunter Valley Bus website.

Hunter Valley Bus website

PLEASE NOTE: the Lake Rd carpark is strictly for staff parking only. Parents and carers may use this car park between 9.30am and 2pm for arrivals and departures, appointments, or to pick up sick children. This is a safety issue and all parents and carers must comply. A brochure detailing entry, exits, arrivals and departures is available from the office. With more than 30 staff members entering and leaving the car park, this request must be followed.

Pedestrian gates on Lake Rd and Oakdale St are open at 8.20am when a teacher begins playground duty. Children cannot be supervised until this time. It is important that children use the path alongside the staff car park and not walk through the car park.  We seek parental support and supervision of this request. Parents who drop off children in the morning must park in the church car park or in side streets. It poses a danger to everyone when parents and carers enter and leave the staff car park in the morning and afternoon rush.