Complaints Resolution

Holy Cross, Glendale, closely adheres to the Diocesan Complaints Resolution Policy and Procedures for Parents & Carers. The following procedures are adopted from these policy and procedures and apply to staff, parents, and carers at Holy Cross Primary School, Glendale.

There is a five-step process to help you and Holy Cross reach an outcome that is in the best interests of a child. Parents/carers must go through each step before progressing to the next. See Appendix A: Parent/Carer Complaint Flowchart. This process is also detailed in the Complaint Resolution Brochure available through the school (Appendix B).

The five steps:

  1. Discuss the complaint with the class teacher*
  2. Discuss the complaint with the principal or their delegate
  3. Contact the CSO Parent Liaison Team
  4. Contact the Director of Schools
  5. Request an independent review

*Parents/carers should speak directly to the principal if your complaint relates to general school matters or school policy. Parents/carers should speak to the Parent Liaison Team if a complaint is about the school principal.

CSO Complaints Resolution Policy CSO Complaints Resolution for Parents and Carers Procedure