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Choosing the right education for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. As parents, carers, or grandparents, you have a choice – and the right – to offer your child the best education available.

Holy Cross provides a unique educational experience that forms the child as a person of integrity, compassion, faith, and wisdom.

High-quality Education

At Holy Cross Primary School, Glendale, we pride ourselves on offering children the highest quality education within the context of a caring Catholic community. Operating as a professional learning community, Holy Cross focuses on developing a love of learning in every child through collaboration and maintaining best practice in teaching and learning. Our school’s Mission Statement focuses on challenging students to strive for success in all areas of school life, to become lifelong learners and achieve their personal best. To maintain high standards in literacy and numeracy, class timetables are aligned across the school, emphasising the integral role of English and Mathematics. These key learning areas are uniquely timetabled to maintain the best possible use of human resources to support best practice. Additional teaching staff include a Learning Support teacher who provides expertise in additional needs, including extending student academia and gifted education. A Literacy and Numeracy Specialist teacher is also available for infant years, as well as four Learning Support assistants who provide in-class help to teachers, enabling greater access to differentiated learning.

State-of-the-art Facilities

Holy Cross is a well-designed school with state of-the-art facilities and modern technology. It features a practical, contemporary learning setting with a combination of formal and soft furnishings. The library is a beautiful learning space and well stocked with popular, rich texts. Wireless networking provides access for laptops and additional IT including videoconferencing. Specialist learning spaces are provided for children who need additional support. The school is fortunate to have a large Visual Arts Centre that provides a unique working space for students to design and create artworks of various mediums. An expansive grassed area for play, sport and environmental awareness makes an appealing setting for lessons and recreation. The unique design of the school also allows children to be visible on the playground from all vantage points, offering a safe and secure community.

Learning through Play

Holy Cross believes in developing the “image of the child” and focuses on the importance of learning through play. This is encapsulated through the opportunities the newly developed outdoor play space provides, where children are encouraged to investigate, explore, create, and imagine. An oversized sandpit alongside dry creek beds, blackboards, and a mud kitchen, and stage set in natural timber play spaces, support well-researched transition processes for children up to the age of 8.

Creative Arts

Creative and Performing Arts is a significant part of the cultural life at Holy Cross. Students can audition for the diocesan ASPIRE production. Lessons are also provided onsite for guitar, keyboard, drums, singing and other instruments through The Music Bus. O’Grady Drama Academy provides professional lessons during the school day. Physical movement, sport and recreation are an important feature of the school. We have extensive sporting equipment, readily available for lessons and play. Specialists provide programs for gymnastics and other sports for all children throughout the school year. Children also participate in a range of sporting events including gala days, athletics, cross-country, and swimming.

Play Group

Based on the outcomes provided through the Early Years Learning Framework, our play group provides a wonderful opportunity to educate young families, allowing them to connect socially and to develop lasting networks for school, social support, and friendships. In their early years, playgroup is the ideal setting for children to learn through play. It also provides a great school transition experience for children as they become familiar with the school and playground at Holy Cross. For more information, please email

St Nicholas OOSH

Holy Cross has a well-established OOSH program that provides before and after-school care for students at the school. OOSH is run daily by school staff in our parish hall from 7am to 8.30am and 3pm to 6pm. Our programs are designed with an emphasis on actively engaging your children through a variety of structured and unstructured activities such as cooking sessions, arts and craft, gardening, reading club, and karate. We encourage your children to interact and learn within the bounds of a safe environment.