School Fees

Each school year, the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle through the Catholic Schools Office reviews fees for students.

By far the greater part of funding is obtained through state and commonwealth government grants, but the commitment and continuing financial contribution of parents and parish communities is still essential to fill the gap between that funding and the actual running costs of schools.

The following rates and discounts have been reviewed by the Diocesan Finance Council (DFC) and upon the advice of the DFC and the Diocesan Executive, they have been approved by Bishop Bill Wright. Individual school and resource and service fees are in addition to those set by the Diocese and are also outlined below.

School fees at Holy Cross, Glendale comprise four components:

  1. Diocesan tuition fees
  2. Individual school resource and services fees
  3. Diocesan Family School Building Levy (DFSBL)
  4. Diocesan Pastoral Contribution (optional).

In 2024, the family discount on full rate diocesan tuition fees is:

1 child family                full rate

2 child family                10% – each child

3 child family                20% – each child

4 + child family             50% – each child

Special Fee Reductions

To assist families with limited financial resources, Catholic schools in the Diocese of Maitland Newcastle offer a lower tuition fee to means-tested low-income families such as Health Care and Pension Card holders. The rate is 50% of the diocesan tuition fee full rate for each child. This discount applies only to the diocesan tuition fee, not to the DFSBL or other resource and service fees the school charges. It is the policy of the Catholic Schools Office and the Diocese that financial hardships should not prevent any child from attending a Catholic school. No child will be denied a Catholic education because of a family’s genuine inability to pay the required school fees. Any family experiencing financial difficulties is entitled to fee assistance. A confidential appointment should be made with the principal to discuss and organise such assistance.

Enrolment Fee

A non-refundable enrolment fee is to be paid on acceptance of enrolment. The enrolment fee covers all administrative work involved in processing the application.

School Resource Fee

The resource fee is billed per child, it covers a range of costs including the supply of goods and services, such as textbooks, exercise books, technology or resources needed for particular KLAs. Some incursion/excursions activities are also included. School camp and Intensive Swimming program will be billed separately.