Religious Education

All students from Kindergarten to Year 6 participate in religious education classes, prayer, liturgies and retreat or reflection day experiences as an integral part of their learning.

Religious Education refers to the twofold purpose of education in Faith and Education in Religious Knowledge. The classroom teaching and learning environment upholds the principles of other key learning areas where quality is the focus, while current methods and excellent resources support knowledge about the Catholic faith. The religious environment of the school provides a suitable climate to support the faith formation of the students through regular prayer and liturgies marking key seasons in the Church calendar, along with special feasts and saints’ days.

The religious education program links with faith formation programs and opportunities allowing students to engage in their local parish through exposure to the sacramental life of the Church. Throughout the year children are given the opportunity to receive both the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. As school masses, class masses and liturgies form an important part of school life you are invited and encouraged to join with us for these celebrations.

Holy Cross recognises your role as the primary educator in all areas, but particularly in that of faith development. Participation in the school-supported parish-based program prepares the children for these sacraments. We look forward to meeting with you on these occasions

Holy Cross participates in the Making Jesus Real initiative. This philosophy helps children and staff recognise the “God moments” in our daily interactions, activities and living. 


We especially ask that parents and carers join in special prayers and give thanks to God for the many wonders that he provides throughout our school day. When parents pray with staff and students, they emphasise and model sound Gospel values that we adhere to in an authentic Catholic community.

We pray as a school community during our Monday Assembly and on other occasions. All classes begin and end the day with the School Prayers.

Holy Cross School Morning Prayer

Good morning Lord,

May all we do this day,

from now until home time,

begin with your spirit as our guide.

Be with us as we work together,

showing our love for you and each other.


Holy Cross School Afternoon Prayer

Loving Jesus,

thank you today,

for the friends, I have made

and the games I have played.

Bring me back safely tomorrow.

Grace A Prayer Before Meals

Dear God,

Thank you for the food we are about to receive,

and bless the people who made it for me.